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Stage Kelly Knickerbocker

La mosaïste américaine Kelly Knickerbocker, en visite en Europe, viendra donner un stage de jours à l’atelier Art MOsaico.

C’est un stage destiné à booster votre créativité. Nommé « Quick release », ce stage consiste à réaliser un triptyque avec une approche contemporaine et tournée vers la diversité des matériaux et des styles ; il ira chercher des éléments dans des techniques telles que « Kickassiette » ou encore « Mind the gap », deux autres techniques que Kelley utilisent pour ses stages.

Voici plus de précisions sur le stage :

i’m happy to provide more information on my Quick-Release: Working in Series course to stir up more interest in your students. The workshop has two objectives. One is to complete a series of three related mosaics during the workshop. To understand the many ways that working in series can benefit our creative practice (transition, continuity, idea development, etc.).

Working in series provides a context for the other objective, which is to release ourselves from the things that hold our creativity back (confusion, indecision, self-doubt, perfectionism, etc.). I will give many simple, practical ways to move through frustrations so the work keeps moving forward, decisions get made quickly, skills/understanding increase, and we are able to do much more than we thought possible.

And as we are learning all of this over the three days, of course we are also exploring andamento, the sculptural aspects of setting mosaic into cement adhesive, using space in mosaic, analyzing/exploiting material properties, and abstract design. In short, my goal is to share as much of my knowledge of everything mosaic as I possibly can with your students over three days :-). And we will laugh and have a very good time as we go!

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